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Music today simply wouldn’t be what it is without the invention of the bass guitar. This musical instrument was developed because of issues that musicians were having at the time. It was difficult to hear people with low voices over the bass playing and many times, piano and brass sections also drowned the bass out.

The first electric bass guitar was purchased in 1935. It was created by Audiovox in Seattle, Washington and the designer was Paul H. Tutmarc. Paul was a musician and teacher, himself. The first bass guitar was made with piano strings. It was designed to be a simple to pick up instrument that was 42 inches long and was a bit cumbersome. This Electric Bass Fiddle, as it was called, was held in a horizontal manner and featured frets. This made it much easier to play than an acoustic bass.

Between 1935 and 1951, there were no real advances in the bass guitar. However, in 1951, Leo Fender created and released a Precision bass which is now the most popular and favored bass guitar in history. In 1960, Fender released another bass guitar, a Jazz model which is identified by having two pickups and a more aesthetically pleasing body and style.

There have been many breakthroughs in technology where music is concerned. You can find some great innovations in bass guitars that have blown away the old styles. In 1959, Danelectro produced the first six string bass. This was a huge leap in technology that now seems almost null and void.

Once Fender introduced these models, it seemed that things began to roll in the music world. There were new models being introduced and designed frequently and in 1959, the first six stringed bass was featured by Danelectro. Just after this, a similar model by Fender and Gibson were introduced. Fender had a fretless five string model that was released in 1964 and Bass Aubi had one in 1965, followed by the eight string model that Hagstroem introduced in 1968.

These days, notable musicians like Bill Wyman use bass guitars as their musical instrument of choice. There are advantages to playing a fretless guitar, including the ability to slide between notes, create shorter notes and a smooth sound that was not possible with the older model of bass. For those more advanced players, there are extended range bass guitars, as well.

Musicians like Billy Wyman were one of the first to adopt the bass guitar as his favorite after converting a bass by removing the frets on it. There are many advantages to playing a fretless bass include better mobility between the notes, easier slides and smoother sounds. There are extended range bass guitars, as well. These models are great for advanced players who play a lot of solos and long jams. These models have more than four strings. Bass guitar has become a very popular part of popular music and songs that are released. Reggae music relies heavily on the bass guitar, as do many other styles of music that you may hear on the radio, today. There are new techniques constantly being brought about by popular musicians and they typically spread like wild fire. There are many ways to learn how to play the bass guitar. When you’re ready to learn, find out what works best for you.

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