What To Consider When Building A Custom Bass Guitar

A custom bass guitar is not just an instrument. It is an extension and expression of the musician who plays it. Sure, there are lots of places you can buy a custom bass. Each company that builds them will exceed in at least one aspect. Finding the right company is extremely important. You’ve got things to think through before you decide on your bass builder. Look at all aspects of your instrument before making this crucial decision.

The very first aspect is curb appeal. If a bass is just plain ugly, you probably won’t appreciate other aspects of it as much as if you had to pick your jaw up off the floor every time you looked at it. As uncritical as we want to believe we are, everybody judges with their eyes first. You want an instrument that makes you proud in public. If you love how your bass looks, you’ll going to feel good when you’re playing it. Plus you’ll love the jealous stares from everyone else in the room. When it comes to curb appeal you’ve got to think through all your choices. There are countless woods, finishes and hardware to choose from. This is why it is so crucial to work with an artisan with decades of experience and understanding of woods, electronics, setups, and all other aspects of the building process. One decision affects others, so it is important that your builder knows every details.

Secondly, think about the action of the instrument. There is nothing worse that a gorgeous bass that is a pain to play. I am going to pass on all the relationship analogies to better paint my point. You know where I’m coming from. When you hire a builder, it is imperative that he is a technically competent bass player. How can someone who doesn’t play the instrument understand the action you’re looking for? So many “custom” bass guitars companies are nothing more than a small production line run by people that have no skill playing the instrument. A Rybski bass is not intended to be wall art. It is designed and built by a skilled bass player, for skilled bass players. The moment your fingers begin to play a Rybski you will enter into a long and growing relationship with it just like other believers.

The third area to consider is electronics. How anyone could claim that a bass is custom when it has pickups ordered from a supplier blows my mind. Custom instruments require custom electronics. I will spare you all the technical jargon and cut to the common sense: There is nothing custom about stock electronics. The pairing of playing styles, woods, and electronics is something that Rybski takes great pride in. There are very, very few builders in the world that are able to not only grasp, but excel at, all of these areas of instrument building.

Rybski is truly a custom bass. A Rybski bass is a paramount example of what bass players are hoping for when they want their own custom bass. Rybski is a one man shop with in-house custom electronics. Timeless designs and eye popping finishes aside, Rybski basses are recognized by musicians around the world for their playability and room shaking sound. Good luck in your personal quest for your own custom bass guitar.

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