Bass Pedals – Expanding Your Bass Sounds

Are you playing the exact same old song on your guitar daily? Aren’t you improving inside the least bit? Well, the main dilemma is that you lack the fun of playing the six strings and instead you can try out the new guitar effects pedals. These pedals allow you to mix and match up the sounds with everything that you do, and thus gradually you’ll have a significantly better time playing your guitar now. These effects pedals are packed and sold in several techniques like individual pedals, built in effects on amplifiers, guitar multi-effects pedals, etc.

Now, the effects described on these pedals are virtually comparable for electric and bass guitars. Among the a variety of types of bass guitar effects pedals, here are a couple of: – Bass wah wah pedal- This effect on an electric guitar is the result of the use of a foot pedal which is of the rocking treadle type. Here, custom EQ circuitry has been enabled, which is most effective suited for playing rhythmic melodies ranging from warm to subtle, to even punchy.

Overdrive distortion pedal – The primary function of this kind of pedal would be to enhance the resulting sound output between warm and rich, making it additional aggressive. These pedals are varied in their complexity. But they have some complaints regarding the high noise level which makes them inefficient for recording in studios.

Bass chorus pedal – Usually these pedals are utilized for emulating the illusion of involving the several bass notes being played in unison, plus the creation of variations in the chorus effects. Up to sixteen sounds could be emulated at a time, and randomization of the voices will help thicken the sound.

Octaver pedal – This octave is utilized in cases where the requirement involves the production of 1 full octave and mostly utilized in case of Funk and R&B. Many even are good enough in coping up with much more than two note chords. It is utilized in creating ‘live’ altered pitch, but the pedals need to possess a fast and unique tracking capability that can be employed well in rapid playing techniques.

Bass compressor pedal – This enables the bass guitarist to play styles covering a huge range- including normal rhythmic to a greater dynamic. All these can be done smoothly by variation of the sound output resulting from the amplifier. This pedal, though the hardest to use, is only able to produce a bland performance.

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Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Bass Big Muff Pi Bass Effects Pedal

Product Description
The enhanced version of the venerable Bass Big Muff Pi. Switchable, it’s 0dB and 10dB input ensures the pedal is equally effective with passive and active pickups. The built in noise gate eliminates unwanted hum, while the blend control allows you to mix the dry and distorted signals to taste. Foot switchable crossover activates a variable low pass filter on the dry signal and high pass filter on the distorted signal. Features Effect Direct (buffered dry) and XLR DI outputs. Battery included.

Price: $120.30

  • Pad on the input that’s switchable between 0dB and -10dB ensures the pedal is optimized for use with both passive and active pickups
  • Blend allows a player to mix to taste the direct and distorted signals
  • Three outputs: a 1/4 effect out, 1/4 direct (buffered dry) out and XLR DI out give complete control of your output signal and sound
  • Foot-switchable crossover section with a variable low pass filter on the dry signal and a variable high pass filter on the distorted signal give bassists the ability to sculpt their sound
  • Crossover circuit, in conjunction with the Blend control, lets you keep the low-end clear and focused and the high-end bright and cutting


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