Jim Clench

James Patrick “Jim” Clench (May 1, 1949 – November 3, 2010) was a Canadian bassist and vocalist best known for his roles in the Canadian rock bands April Wine and Bachman–Turner Overdrive.

With April Wine (first run)

Clench was asked to join April Wine after their original bassist Jim Henman decided to leave the band in October 1971. Although Myles Goodwyn was April Wine’s primary lead singer, Clench was lead vocalist on songs such as the hit singles “Oowatanite” (which he also wrote) and “Weeping Widow”.[7] In 1975, after recording three studio albums and one live, Clench decided to leave April Wine and was replaced by former Mashmakhan bassist Steve Lang.

Early April Wine albums recorded with Clench include; On Record (1972), Electric Jewels (1973), Live! (1974), and Stand Back (1975), which was released just before he left the band.

With Bachman–Turner Overdrive

In 1978, Clench was asked to join Bachman–Turner Overdrive to replace Randy Bachman, who decided to start a solo career.[9] Clench was with BTO until its demise in 1979, appearing on the albums Street Action (1978) and Rock n’ Roll Nights (1979).

Shortly afterwards, Clench also appeared as a guest musician on Bryan Adams’s 1980 debut album.[10][11]

Jim also appeared in Loverboy, who made their live debut opening for Kiss at Pacific Coliseum in Vancouver, B.C. on November 19, 1979. Shortly after this show, Clench was replaced by Scott Smith.

With April Wine (second run)

In 1992, April Wine reformed and Clench accepted an invitation to rejoin. He then took part in four more studio albums recorded after the reformation. Those albums include; Attitude (1993), Frigate (1994), Back to the Mansion (2001), and Roughly Speaking (2006). Clench also appears on April Wine’s Greatest Hits Live 2003.

In late 2006, Clench once again left April Wine, and was replaced by former Brutus/Offenbach bassist Breen LeBoeuf at the beginning of 2007.[


On November 3, 2010, Clench died in a Montreal hospital after a battle with stage 4 lung cancer.

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