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bryan_beller_summer_2015Bryan Beller (born May 6, 1971) is an American bass guitarist known for his work with Joe Satriani, The Aristocrats, Dethklok, Mike Keneally, Steve Vai, James LaBrie of Dream Theater and Dweezil Zappa. He has been Joe Satriani’s tour bassist for both the Unstoppable Momentum (2013–14) and Shockwave (2015-16 world tours in addition to featuring on the Shockwave Supernova record. Beller is also the bassist/manager of the rock/fusion super-trio The Aristocrats (with Guthrie Govan on guitar and Marco Minnemann on drums). The Aristocrats have released three studio albums, along with two live releases documenting the band’s world tours in support of their debut album The Aristocrats and sophomore album Culture Clash. Their most recent studio album Tres Caballeros is the focus of their current world tour, which began in the summer of 2015 and will extend through to late 2016.Career

Beller was Steve Vai’s choice for the 2009 live CD/DVD Where The Wild Things Are, a document of the six-piece Vai band Beller anchored on bass in 2007. He’s also toured with the “band” Dethklok, a tongue-in-cheek extreme metal band born of the Cartoon Network “Adult Swim” show Metalocalypse; Beller’s tracked on the last two Dethklok releases (Dethalbum III; The Doomstar Requiem) and has anchored the band for three nationwide tours to date, alongside Mastodon and Machine Head, among others. He’s been a musical partner of guitarist Mike Keneally (Frank Zappa) for over 17 years and 10 albums.

Beller released his debut rock/jazz fusion solo album View in late 2003. His second album Thanks In Advance (2008), a compositional statement about breaking through anger and finding gratitude. Beller’s first live album Wednesday Night Live – a document of his 2010 touring lineup playing the Baked Potato in Los Angeles – was released in 2011 on both CD and DVD. His first instructional DVD, Mastering Tone And Versatility, was released by Alfred Publishing in early 2012, and he’s a featured artist on the instructional website

Early Years
Beller’s earliest days on bass were as a Westfield, New Jersey pre-teen on upright in the school orchestra. It was short-lived, as he switched to electric at 13 to better play Rush, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and Metallica tunes. Concurrently, a couple of years of classical piano lessons morphed into his own self-taught ear training regimen, as he learned to play those same classic rock and metal songs on the piano completely by ear. Once he landed at Berklee College Of Music, Beller focused solely on bass, and eventually joined a blues-rock band called 100 Proof, which played originals mixed with blues and Allman Brothers covers in Boston’s dirtiest bars.



2003: View
2008: Thanks In Advance
2011: Wednesday Night Live

Video and DVDs

2008: To Nothing
2011: Wednesday Night Live DVD
2012: Mastering Tone And Versatility (Instructional DVD, Alfred Music Publishing)

With The Aristocrats

2011: The Aristocrats
2012: Boing, We’ll Do It Live!
2013: Culture Clash
2015: Culture Clash Live!
2015: Secret Show: Live in Osaka
2015: Tres Caballeros

With Kira Small

2011: Live at The White House

With Dethklok

2009: Dethalbum II
2012: Dethalbum III
2013: The Doomstar Requiem

With Brendon Small

2012: Brendon Small’s Galaktikon

With Steve Vail

1999: The Ultra Zone
2000: The 7th Song: Enchanting Guitar Melodies
2002: The Elusive Light and Sound, Vol. 1
2003: The Infinite Steve Vai: An Anthology
2005: Real Illusions: Reflections
2007: Sound Theories, Vols. 1–2
2007: Visual Sound Theories (DVD)
2009: Where the Wild Things Are (CD/DVD)
2010: Where The Other Wild Things Are

With Dweezil Zappa

1994: Z – Shampoohorn
1995: Z – Music For Pets (French Version)
1996: Z – Music For Pets (U.S. Version)
2000: Dweezil Zappa – Automatic

With Beer For Dolphins:

1996: Soap Scum Remover (VHS)
1997: Half Alive In Hollywood
1998: Sluggo!
2000: Dancing
2000: Dancing With Myself … and others (CD/DVD)

With Mike Keneally

1995: Boil That Dust Speck
2002: Wooden Smoke
2002: Wooden Smoke Asleep
2003: Pup
2004: Dog (CD/DVD)
2006: Guitar Therapy Live (CD/DVD)
2007: Boil That Dust Speck (Reissue – CD/DVD)
2008: Wine and Pickles
2009: Scambot 1
2011: bakin’ @ the potato!
2012: Wing Beat Fantastic
2013: Wing Beat Elastic
2013: You Must Be This Tall

With James LaBrie

1999: MullMuzzler – Keep It to Yourself
2001: Mullmuzzler 2
2005: Elements of Persuasion
2008: Prime Cuts

With Yogi

2001: Any Raw Flesh?
2003: Salve
2006: Half-Print Demigod

With Colin Keenan

2008: Nothing Clever
2009: So Far Gone
2011: Nothing Clever

With Razl

2008: Rotonova
2011: Microscopic

With Joe Satriani

2015: Shockwave Supernova

Other guest appearances

1995: Various Artists – Tales From Yesterday: Yes Tribute
1997: Various Artists – Merry Axemas: A Guitar Christmas
1998: Various Artists – The SWR Sound
1998: Janet Robin – Open The Door
1999: Various Artists – Six Pack: Multi-Artist Radio Sampler
1999: Various Artists – Tribute To The Titans
1999: Neil Sadler – Theory Of Forms
2001: Space Surfers – Bikini
2001: Janet Robin – Out From Under
2001: Nick D’Virgilio – Karma
2003: Various Artists – A Fair Forgery of Pink Floyd
2004: Various Artists – XL Bass Lines: A D’addario Music Sampler
2006: Tom Langford – Here Comes Memory
2006: Various Artists – After The Storm
2006: Various Artists – WesFest (DVD)
2007: Eros Ramazzotti – E²
2007: Various Artists – WesFest 2 (DVD)
2007: Marco Minnemann – The Marco Show (DVD)
2007: Touched – Onward And Downward
2008: Gary Schutt – Loss 4 Words
2008: Chris G. – Reflections – An Act of Glass
2008: Mother Eff – Are We Famous Yet?
2009: Andra Moran – In Small Things
2009: Triangle Exception – H-Town
2010: Various Artists – NPS Maakt Jazz, Volume 7
2010: Timesword – Chains Of Sin
2010: Various Artists – Wicked: Music From The WesFest Community
2010: Dave Weiner – On Revolute
2010: Godsticks – Spiral Vendetta
2010: Anders Helmerson – Tripple Ripple
2011: Sunny Taylor – Sunny Taylor (EP)
2012: Phi-Yaan Zek – Deeper With The Anima
2012: Jason Sadites – Broken
2013: Dr. Mumbai – The Adventures Of Dr. Mumbai
2013: Ephel Duath – Hemmed by Light, Shaped By Darkness
2014: Brian Maillard – Reincarnation
2014: Dane Runyon – Under Grand Suggestion
2014: Ivano Icardi – Burning Wires
2014: Nili Brosh – A Matter Of Perception
2014: Nick Johnston – Atomic Mind
2015: Jane Getter Premonition – ON

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