Daryl Hayott

Daryl Hayott (b. 5 November in São Paulo, Brazil), is an artist and musician who easily plays multiple instruments. He is a drummer, bassist, percussionist, keyboardist and a trumpet player.

Though born in Brazil, he was raised in Harlem, New York.

He was hired as a teenager by Electric Lady Studios to be a session musician playing drums and bass for many bands’ recording sessions. His being hired by Electric Lady came about because his best friend Tony, who was a friend of Jimi Hendrix bought Daryl down to the studio. He was challenged to play drums on a recorded track and performed so well that he was hired on the spot to work there for Saturday sessions.

He was signed by Warner Brothers to tour with various bands including the international African group Osibissa and Black Ivory. He was mentored by several noted African American recording artists because they were concerned about him being such a young person working and touring in the major music industry.

Daryl set track and field records in high school. He studied Gōjū-ryū karate under Harlem legend Grand Master Leon Wallace. He was a member of the Budweiser Kickboxing Team as was martial artist Billy Blanks. “Karate Illustrated” magazine featured Daryl in several of their publications. Sensei Hayott won the title of U.S. East Coast Champion three times during his career as a competitive martial artist.

When he tore the muscles in his hand, a doctor suggested that playing bass guitar would help rehabilitate them. Daryl followed the doctor’s orders and when he was ready, resumed touring with Warner Brothers playing for Sade. He also played for Al Jarreau and went on the road with Teddy Riley.

Daryl’s perspective on life is very spiritual. His friends dubbed him “Confucius Bass”.

Tribe Konfuciousklan, Hayott’s band, released Tribal Passages on Keep the Light Records, which is Daryl Hayott’s own label. Daryl composed a film score for an independent Brazilian film.

Daryl Hayott holds a B.A. in Psychology and completed two tours in the United States Marine Corps.

In addition to music and martial arts, Daryl draws, paints, sculpts, enjoys fencing and motorcycle speed racing.

He was twice voted Brazilian Bass Player of the Year

External Link – www.darylhayott.com

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