Russ Savakus

Russ Savakus is an American session bass player (both electric and stand-up), violinist and singer. Savakus has recorded with numerous artists in and around the 1960s folk and folk-rock movement in New York. Earlier, he had been a part of the rhythm section for the Les Elgart swing band.

According to Michael Bloomfield, who met Savakus at a Bob Dylan’s session: “They had a bass player, a terrific guy, Russ Savakus. It was his first day playing electric bass, and he was scared of that. No one understood nothing.” However, Dylan chose to replace Savakus on tour

Songs and records that he has played on include:

  • Farewell, Angelina, Joan Baez, (1965)
  • The In Instrumentals, Kai Winding (Verve, 1965)
  • Reflections in a Crystal Wind, Richard & Mimi Fariña, (1965)
  • Highway 61 Revisited, Bob Dylan, (1965)
  • Southbound, Doc Watson, (1966)
  • Fire & Fleet & Candlelight, Buffy Saint-Marie, (1967)
  • “Brown Eyed Girl”, Van Morrison (1967)
  • Don McLean (album), Don McLean, (1972)
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