D. D. Verni


D.D. Verni (born Carlo Verni, April 12, 1961), is an American bassist, songwriter, and producer, best known as the founding member, bassist and songwriter of thrash metal legends Overkill. Overkill released their first record in 1985 and with their contemporaries (Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, Anthrax) helped define a new genre of music…. “Thrash Metal”. Over the last 28 years Overkill have released 18 full-length albums as well as 2 live albums and EP’s, and several DVD’s. They have done thousands of shows for millions of fans and toured throughout every country on earth. They have graced the pages of every major music publication (here and abroad) and have sold millions of records worldwide. Verni’s signature bass sound is regarded as one of the most definable in heavy metal.

In addition to his work with Overkill, Verni has recorded four albums with his side project The Bronx Casket Co. He is also the composer for The Bronx Casket Co….A New Musical.

Early years

In 1976, Verni met Lee “Rat Skates” Kundrat in high school, who had been learning to play drums since age 15. They shared the same musical interests in hard rock bands like Kiss, Aerosmith, Ted Nugent, Starz, Black Sabbath, and Rainbow, and were then introduced to punk music such as The Damned, The Ramones, The Vibrators, and Generation X The three formed a punk group known as The Lubricunts in 1979. The group disbanded in 1980, and Verni, along with bandmate Skates, posted an advertisement for a vocalist and guitarist to join the band. Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth answered the ad, and brought guitarist Rob Pisarek.


After rejecting several names, the band finally settled on “Overkill”. Early covers, were punk songs by The Ramones, The Dead Boys and others. By late 1980, the band had recruited dual guitarists, and the setlist was made up of songs by bands such as Motörhead (“Overkill”, half of the Ace Of Spades album), Judas Priest (“Tyrant” was their closer), and Riot. Along with the new influx of heavy metal covers, the band still played a smattering of punk covers, with extra distortion, intensity, and speed, marking Overkill as one of the first thrash bands.

At this point, the band started writing original songs, including “Grave Robbers” (later renamed “Raise The Dead”), “Overkill”, and “Unleash The Beast (Within)”. More songs would follow, including “Death Rider” (1981) and “Rotten To The Core” (1982). In 1983 Rich left and Bobby Gustafson remained as the sole guitarist. The band became a staple at New York and New Jersey clubs, such as L’Amours, and Verni gave Ellsworth the nickname “Blitz” due to his over-the-top lifestyle. Verni has been the sole songwriter for the music of Overkill since Horrorscope.

Discography with Overkill

Title Type Label Year
Power In Black Demo Blood Metal Music 1983
Overkill E.P. Azra/ Metal Storm 1984
Feel The Fire Studio album Megaforce 1985
Taking Over Studio album Megaforce/ Atlantic 1987
!!!Fuck You!!! EP Megaforce/ Caroline 1987
Under the Influence Studio album Megaforce 1988
The Years of Decay Studio album Megaforce/ Atlantic 1989
Horrorscope Studio Album Megaforce/ Atlantic 1991
I Hear Black Studio album Atlantic 1993
W.F.O. Studio album Atlantic 1994
Wrecking Your Neck Live album CMC International 1995
The Killing Kind Studio album CMC International 1996
!!!Fuck You!!! and Then Some EP Megaforce 1996
From the Underground and Below Studio album CMC International 1997
Necroshine Studio album CMC International 1999
Coverkill Covers album CMC International 1999
Bloodletting Studio album Metal-Is 2000
Wrecking Everything Live album Spitfire Records 2002
Killbox 13 Studio album Spitfire Records 2003
ReliXIV Studio album Spitfire Records 2005
Immortalis Studio album Bodog Music 2007
Ironbound Studio album Nuclear Blast Records 2010
The Electric Age Studio album Nuclear Blast Records 2012
White Devil Armory Studio album Nuclear Blast Records 2014
Historikill: 1995–2007 Box set Nuclear Blast Records 2015
Grinding Wheel Studio album Nuclear Blast Records 2017
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