The Bass Guitar: More Than 4 Strings

Basses are among the hottest of guitar classes in the world today. Guitars, essentially the general class guitars, are fairly popular all around the world, and might be found employed in essentially all genres of music, with varied classes of guitars available for the mass market.

When one talks about basses, one is largely referring to the line of electrical basses, which have taken the place of the big and clumsy double bass. Basses are guitars geared to play bass scales, and are built to simply handle low notes, and are tuned an octave lower that that of a regular guitar bass strings. The general look of a bass guitar appears no different from a regular guitar, only that bass guitar bodies are bigger, offering a longer neck with wider scales, and regularly come with 4 strings, though 5 and six sting basses are available, for more bass particular performances. The power of a bass guitar is reasonably harnessed in Jazz and Fusion pieces, as well as Blues. Today, bass players like Victor Wooten, keep on standing as the beacons bringing bass playing to further horizons. The well known Red Hot Chili Pepper bass player, Flea, is also one of the most famed of bass players, slapping and plucking bass lines, bending a new sort of music for one and all.

Fender basses are known, not only for their galvanizing bass playing features, but also the incontrovertible fact that Fender basses stand to be the 1st commercially successful basses to be sold in the market. The line of Fender basses include the Fender Jazz Bass guitar, the Fender Precision Bass Guitar, the Fender Mustang Bass Guitar and the Fender Aerodyne Jazz Bass guitar. Other Fender guitars, except for Fender basses, include the Telecaster and the Stratocaster line of guitars. A Telecaster Fender bass guitar is also among the more preferred of Fender basses. The Precision Bass line of Fender basses is quite famous, frequently seen being used in Jazz performances, as well as general live performances of Alternative, Punk and / or other popular musical genres.

When talking about bass guitars, owning or using top quality, high end bass guitars don’t necessarily result to better bass playing, but using rather low quality bass guitars would negatively affect one performance.

With Fender basses, players are assure the most bass-ic of high quality, all packed in a Fender bass guitar.

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Victor Wooten: Groove Workshop

Product Description
Expanding on the groundbreaking concepts he introduced in his book, The Music Lesson ‘A Spiritual Search For Growth Through Music, master bassist Victor Wooten lays out his unique philosophy of teaching and learning music in Groove Workshop, a 2008 DVD from Hudson Music. The two disc set features nearly five hours of material, including a complete master class where Victor, along with bassist/educator Anthony Wellington and six bass students, uses his personal experience and expertise to delve deeper into rarely discussed, yet vitally important, aspects of music making. While traditional music education focuses primarily on developing technique and note-perfect performance, professional musicians like Victor know that there’s much more to making music than just playing the right notes. On Groove Workshop, Victor redefines the essential elements of music and demonstrates how to apply them in fresh, creative, musically relevant ways.

Price: $16.96

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