Guitar Glove, Bass Glove, Musician’s Practice Glove -S- one – fits either hand – WHITE

Guitar Glove, Bass Glove, Musician’s Practice Glove -S- one – fits either hand – WHITE

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Musician Practice Glove – size S (see other listings for XS M L or XL) – for Bass Guitar, Guitar (esp. for in-between callous building sessions), String Bass, Cello, Viola, Violin, woodwinds, brasses, Banjo, Ukelele, Handbells, Marching Bands etc. If you are a musician with sore fingertips due to extended practice sessions, cuts and/ or blisters, give your fingertips a break and keep on playing! Musicians playing cold weather gigs: keep your fingers fully covered, functional and comfortable when needing to play outside! Wrist wrapping provides superior support and comfort. Roll it up for less contact. Feels so natural giving you an intuitive, enjoyable sense of fluid fingering and shifting. One glove works for either hand Sizing: (according to approximate middle finger height from its base to the tip). It is better to lean more toward the smaller size for proper 2nd skin fit! For large volume purchases (eg. Marching Bands) I will furnish you with unpackaged items with a HUGE discount from the packaged versions. Please contact me for a quote. Some musicians report a disease called Focal Dystonia. This disease is a neurological condition that affects a muscle or group of muscles. After trying playing with gloves they could feel there was a definite change within the hands while playing, enough to continue life as a performing musician! This glove is also ideal if you have a chronic skin condition due to medical treatments, or extra sweaty hands. (and you will even extend string life!)

Price: $8.99

  • Play smoother, better & faster, for extended playing, sweat and medical issues, even outdoor gigs! Super thin and comfortable, seamless woven nylon mesh.
  • GREAT for Rocksmith! XL = 3¾ in. (9.52 cm), L = 3⅝ in. (9.21 cm), M = 3⅜ in. (8.57 cm), S = 2⅞ – 3 ⅛ in. (7.3-7.94 cm), XS = under 2⅞ in. (7.3 cm)
  • COLORS are separately listed products: White, Tan and Black. NOTE: for a 2 or 5 pack DISCOUNT purchase be sure to find “guitar glove 2 pack” or “guitar glove 5 pack”.
  • Ideal if you have a chronic skin condition – used by World Class Bassist Scott Devine!
  • Arthritis sufferers: Provides comfort and warmth to the joints! Wristband is Pink – support breast cancer awareness!
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