Guitar Mini Amps – Great Fun For Even Serious Musicians

Ok, so you’ve just bought a shiny new electric guitar but what kind of amplifier should you get. Well, full size amps are just too big, too powerful and too expensive to play in your bedroom. A half stacked amp is a good compromise but they can be very expensive, especially if you are just starting out.

If you are one those guitarists that like to shift their gear around from gig to gig without a squad of roadies in tow or if you are a beginner without the budget of Joe Satriani then its a great idea to grab one of the many amazing guitar mini amps that are on the market nowadays.

Unlike early models, the current clutch of guitar mini amps boast a sound and feature set that rivals their big brothers, but at a fraction of the cost. Take for example the iconic Marshall amp, loved by heavy metal gods around the world. Well, you can now get a whole range of Marshall guitar mini amps that boast the same looks, a great grumbling sound and even have some additional features like distortion, overdrive and headphone jacks for when the rest of the family just have to get some sleep!

Quality is never compromised with the better brands such as Marshall and Fender. You get the same attention to detail, build quality and, of course a sound that would satisfy all but the most hardcore enthusiasts – all powered by a 9V battery.

So, if your idea of a gig is more like the local mall than the local concert hall, and you don’t have a truck to move all of your gear around in, then I would advise you to look at one of the great little guitar mini amps that are out there. Just stick it in a backpack and hop on the bus, but remember to pack a spare battery – or of course you could just leave em all wanting more! Happy rockin.

Dont be a mug and lug that big stack of amps around with you. Get a genuine Guitar Mini Amp at my website for only a few bucks.

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