Happy Birthday Graham Keith Gouldman! – born May 10, 1946

Happy Birthday Graham Keith Gouldman! – born May 10, 1946

Graham Keith Gouldman (born May 10, 1946) is an English singer, songwriter and musician. He is a long-time member of the art rock band 10cc.

Early life and 1960s pop career: 1946–1968

Gouldman was born in Broughton, Salford, Lancashire, England into a Jewish family. He played in a number of Manchester bands from 1963, including the High Spots, the Crevattes, the Planets and the Whirlwinds, which became a house band at his local Jewish Lads’ Brigade. The Whirlwinds – comprising Gouldman (vocals, guitar), Maurice Sperling (vocals/drums), Bernard Basso (bass), Stephen Jacobson (guitar, bongos), Malcolm Wagner and Phil Cohen – secured a recording contract with HMV, releasing a recording of the Buddy Holly song “Look at Me”, backed with “Baby Not Like You”, written by Lol Creme, in June 1964.

In late 1964, Gouldman dissolved the Whirlwinds, and in February 1965, formed the Mockingbirds with Jacobson and Basso and a former member of fellow Manchester band the Sabres, Kevin Godley (drums). The Mockingbirds signed with the Columbia label, which rejected Gouldman’s first offering as a single – “For Your Love” (later a major hit for the Yardbirds) – and issued two singles, “That’s How (It’s Gonna Stay)” (February 1965, also issued in the US on ABC Paramount) and “I Can Feel We’re Parting” (May 1965). The band switched to the Immediate label for “You Stole My Love” (October 1965) and Decca for “One By One” (July 1966) and “How to Find a Lover” (October 1966)

The band also began a regular warm-up spot for BBC Televisions Top of the Pops, transmitted from Manchester. He recalled: “There was one strange moment when the Yardbirds appeared on the show doing ‘For Your Love’, which was a song that I’d written. Everyone clamoured around them – and there I was just part of an anonymous group. I felt strange that night, hearing them play my song.”

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