Happy Birthday to Igor Saavedra! born – May 31, 1966

Happy Birthday to Igor Saavedra! born – May 31, 1966

Igor Saavedra (Santiago de Chile, May 31, 1966 ) is a player and pioneer of the extended-range bass (ERB) guitar. As of 1999, he has dedicated his musical career to the study and performing of the eight string extended-range bass guitar and is considered a pioneer on that field by the world’s most prestigious bass publications. As collected from many interviews worldwide, Mr. Saavedra was the first ERB player in South America and is also credited as being the creator of the Mic Ramp in 1995, which is a height adjustable wooden ramp that contains the bass pickups which are derived from the Willi’s Ramp. At the same time, in 1993, he started developing a technique for the electric bass named Vectorial Synthesis Technique, about which he’s been writing a book.

More on Igor’s life here.

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