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Mark Brown, better known by the stage name Brown Mark, also styled Brownmark and BrownMark, is an American musician, bassist and record producer.

Life and career

Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Brown’s early fame came when he was the bass guitarist of The Revolution, musician Prince’s original touring (and later also his recording) band. Noted for his unique, funk-based style of musicianship, he became a record producer and recording artist himself after parting company with Prince in 1986. He achieved minor successes in the R&B music field under both titles (most notably as founder and producer of R&B group Mazarati). After a lengthy absence from the music business he returned with a new project entitled Cryptic. After the release of the Cryptic CD entitled It’s Been Awhile the group disbanded in 2002. Brown is currently working on a new project out of Tampa Florida with his newly formed group Syx Mil Breach. The CD was released late 2010 and is titled Syx mil Breach.


Just Like That (1988), Motown
Good Feeling (1989), Motown
It’s Been A While (2002)
Syx Mil Breach (2010)


“Next Time” (1988)
“Bang Bang” (1989), Motown

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