Happy Birthday to Nigel Griggs – born August 18, 1949!

Happy Birthday to Nigel Griggs – born August 18, 1949!

Nigel Griggs (born in Hatfield, England) is a musician who played bass guitar in Split Enz. He is the brother of Paul Griggs from the 1970s vocal group Guys ‘n’ Dolls. A professional musician since 1963, Nigel Griggs played in a number of bands, notably The Cortinas and Octopus, 1963–1971, with his brother Paul, Carmen and Steve Hillage’s Khan.

He has been playing bass since he was 14 years old, because his brother’s band needed a bassist. His other hobbies include photography, sound recording and soccer.

Griggs joined Split Enz in 1977 at the same time Neil Finn did, at the recommendation of the current drummer and close friend of Griggs, Malcolm Green. Griggs stayed with the Enz until their 1984 split. After the split, he joined Enz drummer Noel Crombie, Enz keyboardist Eddie Rayner, Split Enz founder Phil Judd and the guitarist Michael den Elzen in the band Schnell Fenster.

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