How To Get The Best Bargain And What To Consider When Choosing A Second Hand Guitar

Learning how to play a guitar can be challenging. One must learn about notes and chords. You also have to know how to make your hands flexible until you finally master the coordination required to play. This can be difficult for some. Some people wish to play just for fun. Others envision themselves as future rock stars playing in front of millions of screaming fans. Whatever the reason, it is a good idea to start with a second hand guitar. It is better to ask someone with some knowledge of guitars to assist you when making a purchase. They are likely to know how to get a good deal and what to look for when choosing a second hand guitar.Going for a guitar that has been used before can save you a tidy sum of money. For some guitar types, the older they get, the better they become – in much the same way as wine. Getting such a guitar can be a real deal. One may also spend a lot of cash to purchase a new guitar, only to realize later that they are no longer interested in playing it. In such cases, it is better to spend less on a second hand guitar until you are very sure you want to continue playing. Factors to consider so as to get a good deal include:

Type of guitar

Acoustic and electric are the two major types. The hollow bodied acoustic ones have a sound hole for amplification of sound. They usually cost more and require high maintenance. They can also be rough on fingers.

In comparison, electric guitars are made up of a solid body with no sound hole. They must, however, be connected to an amplifier. One can play many music styles with this guitar, either with fingers or a pick. They are low maintenance instruments with a wide price range. Their main disadvantage is that they are more difficult to carry.

Where to Purchase

Shopping online for a guitar has the benefit of a wide selection to choose from. A major disadvantage is that you cannot test it prior to making a purchase. It is also hard to ask for a discount and there are additional shipping costs.

Making a purchase in a used guitar store on the other hand allows you to play the guitar before buying. You avoid shipping costs and you can negotiate the cost.

The overall craftsmanship

Even though a guitar has been used before, you can still tell a good one. Handcrafted ones are usually of a better quality. When more effort goes into making a guitar, the better the sound and the more it lasts.


Additional items like straps, cases and power cables can add a tidy sum to the overall cost. It is, therefore, important to check if these are included and if not, to negotiate accordingly.

Check for any damages

It is important to take time to carefully examine the guitar for any cracks or warping. It helps to check out the price of individual parts beforehand. In case a replacement is necessary, this gives you an upper hand when haggling over the cost.

One may actually strike gold with a second hand guitar if you get it right when looking for a one.

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