Ken Smith Bass

There are so many types of bass guitars. Guitars also come in different shapes, forms and purpose. There are also a number of popular guitar brands. One of the most popular guitar brands are those made by Ken Smith.Ken Smith bass came from the name of a famous classic bassist named Ken Smith. He used to work as a bassist for legendary singers like Frank Sinatra and Perry Como. He did not only played with them, he is also popular for creating various unique bass lines for different genre of music and other types of musical shows.

Laying down bass lines for a number of songs, he has also mastered the art of creating guitar instruments. He has become one with bass guitar that he has the nose for guitar woods and which will best fit what type of guitar. He especially make his own guitar. This is one of the best reasons why most people like Ken Smith bass. These guitars also can play different music genres such as r and b and jazz.

Since he is a prolific well-known bassist,he knows especially well what is needed by a bassist and knows specifically how to apply it on a guitar. This is one of the most important character that a Ken Smith bass guitar has.

His talent in choosing wood for guitar is well praised by other guitar makers and players. He would definitely go into the woods to find the best guitar wood. He personalizes and customizes bass guitars according to want you want exactly.

Aside from the bass guitars, Ken Smith storehouse also includes other wood type instruments. Bass guitars most especially have features like Morado or ebony fret boards, hand-rubbed dutch and a lot more.

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