Left Handed Bass Guitars By Deans

Anytime a lefty bass player desires a fresh bass, they currently have a tough decision to make. Dean’s line of left handed bass guitars doesn’t make that selection any easier. Looks, functions and effectiveness are usually just about all found in these types of left handed bass guitars with a good value you don’t need to be somebody wealthy to be able to afford it.Dean Edge 1 Left Banded Bass Guitar

The Dean Edge 1 left handed bass guitar will come in both four and 5 string types. So if you really want to grab those super low B string tones, the five string model is available. Rocking in at a price that anyone, even beginners, can afford, you can grab an Edge 1 Lefty bass guitar for around $ 250 to $ 275. But do not let that price sway you on the quality of the instrument.

Dean Edge 1 Functions

The body of the Edge 1 is basswood and has a Dean design bolt on the maple neck that is overlaid with rosewood. The result is a smooth transition from body to neck and an action that is amazing. That maple neck is built to a 34″ scale and sports 24 of Dean’s finest jumbo bass frets for a two octave neck capability. The double cut away layout along with the deep well on the fret hand side allows access to the highest registers easily and readily.

Transferring the sound are two Dean soap bar pickups that allow warmth of tone and rich bass response to the amplifier. Add the die cast bridge and tuners, chrome hardware and the contrasting abalone fret inlays that is one of the most beautiful left handed bass guitars I have seen.

Dean edge 4 Left Handed Bass Guitar

As a remedy to the higher end model lefty bass guitars at a value driven price, Dean has the Edge four. With similar guitar body layout as the Edge 1, this bass guitar is usually what several other people want to have. Coming in at close to three hundred to four hundred dollars, the price is apparent any time you appear at a function on the Edge 4.

Dean Edge Four Features

This Edge four guitar body is basswood and offers a lighter, general body weight than other left handed bass guitars. It is possible to put the guitar on for long periods of time and never be uncomfortable. That can be a big plus when you are getting called for a show.

The Neck

The guitar neck is a combination of maple walnut as well as bolts to the guitar body with Dean’s patented asymmetrical four bolt pattern. A 34″scale with 24 of Dean’s finest bass frets are laid over a rosewood fret board with maple/walnut guitar neck which has a silky, smooth feel to the software as you play.

The actual pickups are Dean’s active EQ soap bar pickup that incorporates a pre-amp feature. This particular exchanges the sound from instrument to amp using a wonderful bass reaction which is affluent, warm tone that fills any place with stunning live music.


What ever the requirements, this specific lefty bass guitars is filled with features that make left handed musicians feel better about the guitar they play. Take hold of one right now and notice precisely what left handed bass guitars are truly made of. You won’t be sorry at all using the actual Dean Edge collection left handed bass guitars.

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