Picking A Great Electric Bass Guitar: 3 Helpful Guidelines To Help You Make Better Decisions

So, you’re going to purchase your very first electric bass guitar to fulfill your biggest wish? You want to play it like a professional bass guitarist and show your friends what you can do and how crazy it is?

OK, I know. But slow down cowboy, you’re moving too fast! Do you know how to choose the correct electric bass guitar that fits you? It’s the very first step that you should pay attention to before anything else.

Picking a great electric bass guitar is of paramount importance. Many people rushing it and that’s why they have to pay a decent price (both in money and time). With a decent guitar, you will speed up your learning curve very quick, whereas with a bad guitar, it’s almost impossible because you walked the wrong step right from the start.

That’s why I think you should read this short article. With the next 3 tips I give you, you will know how to select a good bass guitar and begin your journey as soon as possible. So, let’s begin!

Tip #1: Define clearly what is your purpose with your guitar

It equals to you should have a clear determination of what you’re gonna do with it. So, you’re going to practice electric rock, or punk, or just traditional rock? In fact, there are more musical genres but you get the point.

Because nowadays, manufacturers have different designs for different genres of music. Your guitar can be 4, 5 or 6-string, and it could go with many add-on gears! Therefore, the very first thing to do is to define your genre and the way you’re going to do with it.

Tip #2: Price does not always go hand in hand with quality

What does it mean?

It says you don’t have to burn 1000s of dollars on your gears and think that the higher the price, the better they are. And it doesn’t mean that at a much lower price tag, you can’t buy any good bass guitar!

The fact is reverse! And to be honest with you, this is where the majority of bass guitarists waste their time and money! Again, if you can clearly define your musical genres, it could be easier to pick a reachable priced guitar that fits you. Don’t purchase an expensive guitar without even know what to do with it!

Tip #3: If you want to buy anything, try to look for it via the Internet

This will be the biggest budget-saving tip you have from me.

Although I think you may know it already, but have you ever considered it? Online shops have their advantages. They don’t have to pay monthly fees for employees, fancy office, storage, etc. That results in big discounts if you purchase from them.

In comparison with traditional offline shops, you will find this way of shopping more beneficial! And there’s another benefit from buying online. You can sit at home browsing hundreds of thousands of goods instead of running around the town shopping. It saves you time!

That’s great, isn’t it?

There you have them, 3 handy tips to help you select the bass guitar of your own. If you can pick up the right one, you will find it a lot easier to improve your performance and go pro in no time!

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Curious why I recommend it? Then take a break and read my review about the Silvertone LB11 Bass & Amp Package. It will provide you with much more useful information before choosing your first electric bass guitar!

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