Rock and Roll God: Learn to Play Bass

Paramore, Linkin Park and most of the rocking bands wouldn’t be complete without the bass. The bassist puts on the mood to the music. The bass guitar is the lower tone you hear that adds rhythm and balance to the beat. You can hear the wonderful melody of the bass when you close your eyes during a rock show. It’s that tone that wraps up the intense high notes the lead guitar brings.Learning the bass guitar would become easier if you know stuffs about it. The bass guitar is a four stringed musical instrument. It’s a particular guitar that has only four strings. You can also learn to play bass with an ordinary guitar( which has six strings). The bass guitar’s strings are tuned on a certain note. The upper string which is the thickest on a STANDARD TUNE, is the E. Next to it is the string that has an A note. Third string is the note D and the lowest string is the G note. In tuning the bass guitar, the each strings would carry differs on the tune it is being put up to- whether it is on Drop D, standard tuning or the likes. The easiest way to tune your guitar if you don’t know how to or you don’t have any chromatic tuner is the Internet. Try viewing on Youtube and type on the search engine ‘Tuning the guitar’.

While tuning the guitar, sometimes broken strings arises. When that happens, you go to the Music store. Remember this; the numbering of strings is from highest to lowest. The highest string which is E would be the 4th string; A would be the 3rd string and so on. The frets are the small metal strips you feel and see on the surface of the neck of the bass guitar. It divides the guitar’s surfaces into sections from top to bottom. The nearer fret you get to the body of the guitar, the higher the note the strings produce. You learn to play bass with patience and practice. The right sound comes out when you hit the strings in between the fret.

To learn the bass there is a need for amplification. The bass guitar as what you have learned is a lower tone. It is a comparison to a man’s singing voice which is also called the bass. The lower tone the bass guitar produces the lesser sound you hear. The bass guitar needs to be amplified so that the melody it makes could be audible.

You can’t learn to play bass without something to read or to follow. Start buying books that have chords on it or tabs. If you want to learn without having to spend, search on the internet ‘bass guitar tutorials’ or find a friend who is already playing in a band or who has a lot of knowledge on the bass guitar.

If you are wondering, what is a chord? It’s that letter above every lyrics in a song book. It’s your basis on what note to play. The chord is made up of notes from A to G with flats and sharps, and is either played in Major or in Minor.

Tablatures are those widowed notes or made up notes to be plucked or strummed in the bass guitar.

Practice hitting the strings with your finger. Use all four fingers in meddling the guitar’s strings. The faster and stronger you hit the strings with your finger, the better you become.

Put the neck of your guitar in between all you fingers for one minute each to stretch them. Do this before practicing songs. This serves as your warm-ups in rocking your guitar.

Remember, not all practice makes perfect but perfect or right practice makes you the best of what you can become. So, stand up, pick up your guitar and start learning.

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