Traveling Light with A Steinberger Left Bass Guitar

Owners of this bass have sung the accolades of it. For those who were attracted to the XL series minimalist design, it is possible for left bass guitar players to acquire one. Of the features, reviewers love the small size at 38 1/2″ overall length and the smaller body size. With the headless neck, the appearance is extremely space age and aesthetically pleasant.

First make sure that the guitar is playable and good quality. You will soon notice that the Steiny is good solid construction. You will get a good high quality sound due to the neck construction which is made of three pieces of maple.

Combine this with its neck/bridge situated EMG Select Humbuckers, and you can create almost limitless variety of sounds. That’s not all though. Every pickup includes a separate volume adjustment along with adjustment for master sound. Because its strings are opposite of the conventional headstock configuration for guitars, the tones produced by this left bass instrument are nothing short of awesome.

You will find 24 standard frets on the maple and rosewood neck. It has a stature that is a bit smaller than average but it is extremely comfortable to play. The rosewood gives the bass a smooth feeling and its fast enough to play, regardless of your genre. There is nothing better for your left handed guitar players.

The folks at LHGM know their guitars like no one else. With a dedication to guitar not right handed instrumentalists everywhere, you are sure to find what you want there. If you need any help, there is always someone around to answer questions. All guitar lefty base enthusiasts need to make this site a must visit to order online. The after sale support is second to none, too.

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