Walking Bass for Jazz and Blues: The Complete Walking Bass Method | Walking Bass for Jazz and Blues: The Complete Walking Bass Method

Walking Bass for Jazz and Blues: The Complete Walking Bass Method

Product Description

A Walking Bass Method for Beginners

Discover a Complete Method to Learn Jazz and Blues Walking Bass

  • Master Arpeggios and Concepts to play like the Masters
  • Develop a full range of Scales, Arpeggios and Soloing to create your own walking bass lines
  • Master Traditional and Modern Walking Bass Lines

Have you tried playing walking bass lines but keep finding them not quite right?

Do you find yourself thinking so much about note choice that you can’t get in the groove of the music?

Do you dream of playing bass lines like legendary bassists like Ron Carter, Charles Mingus, Paul Chambers or Jaco?

Walking Bass for Jazz and Blues is a complete method to help beginners master each element of Blues and Jazz walking bass. It is designed to develop strong harmonic skills, rhythm, phrasing and note choice.

Here’s What You Get…

  • A complete guide to walking bass lines so you learn how to play on the most common chord changes in blues and jazz.
  • Hundreds of Diagrams, Exercises, Tips, Chromatic Ideas and more so you learn to play like the best bass players
  • Over 100 audio examples you can download for free to make the music come alive and help you practice your new walking bass skills
  • Learn basic and advanced techniques like arpeggio and scale choice, chromatic approaches, standard patterns and rhythmic ideas.

Plus…There are plenty of walking bass secrets thrown in too… so you’ll need to pay attention!

Mastering the skills in this book will free your mind from thinking too much about the neck when playing, as well as teaching your ears to hear the right lines to play at exactly the right time.

While your ultimate goal may be to become the next Jaco Pastorius, this book will teach you the roots of the essential walking bass style. It will help you build the foundational arpeggios scales and chromatic approaches you need to walk like a pro and groove like your favorite bass players.

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