Which Bass Guitar Should You Buy?

If you are starting to learn to play bass, then you may have bought a bass guitar. Since you are still a beginner, then it is useful to know what bass guitars usually consist of.The main kinds are: acoustic and electric.

However, even these may be subdivided into fret/fretless neck, hollow/solid frame, and 4 or 5 or 6 stringed bass guitars.

Even in these divided groups, you will find more distinctions, but these details are not crucial if you have just started learning.

Fret and Fretless Guitars

This does not need much explanation. Look at the neck of your guitar. The neck is one of the parts you hold your guitar from, and it is the part you press on while holding the strings in different positions. If you hold your guitar horizontally, then the frets are the sections that fall between the vertical thin metal bars.

The frets lets you know what note you are playing, so playing the guitar without them is difficult. A fretless guitar does not have frets, and it is usually played by advanced musicians.

The reason behind this is that you need to know what note you are playing, and this is only possible when you have played for many years. For a beginner, my advice is to buy a guitar with frets.

Hollow/Solid Body

When you had looked around for your guitar, you may have held an acoustic guitar. These guitars come with hollow bodies so that the sound can amplify. Electric guitars amplify the sound with a microphone, and do not need a hollow body.

A hollow body allows the sound of the strings to echo and resonate within the body, which creates the sound used in classical and country songs.

Solid frames do not create an echo, although it is possible to create it electronically. For a beginner, I recommend to buy an electric and solid-bodied bass, even though you will have to also buy an amplifier.|

Number of Strings

Usually, guitars have six strings, and the standard bass tends to come with four strings. However, this is not a must. The four string is still very popular, and this bass is best to start learning with. However, some professional bassists are playing five and six string basses.

The five string bass has a sound even lower the four string bass, which is great for a hollow deep sound. A six string bass creates a high sound, and spread the range of the bass even more than usual. However, if you are just starting to learn, my recommendation is to buy a basic four string bass. If you enjoy playing, then you can branch out later.

If you are persistent in and constantly learn to play bass, you may want to branch out and try out different guitars. In this case, you can experiment with hollow bodies

However, if you are a beginner, I highly recommend you stick to the basic guitar. And as always, have fun!

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